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Reaching Higher, Arriving Sooner 

The Early College is a concurrent enrollment program within the Vail School District in partnership with Pima Community College. Through the Early College, seniors from any of the Vail high schools can earn 12 or more college credit hours during their senior year. Students take all courses at the Pima Community College East Campus, this includes the required Early College high school courses (Government, College Success, & the Senior Exit Project). It is even possible for a senior to complete their freshman year of university coursework through this program.

Early College students are mentored through their first year college experience by two Vail staff members, who have an office located at the heart of the Pima East Campus in the E5 building.

Students apply to the Early College in the spring of their junior year. Selection to the Early College is based upon the students application, essay and interview. The purpose of the selection process is to make sure the program is the right fit for the student and that they are not only college ready but ready for the full time college experience.

At the Early College students are reaching higher to obtain college credit during their senior year in high school and arriving sooner in meeting their college and career goals.

Are you ready?