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Below are descriptions of the high school courses that VEC students will be required to take along side their Pima Community College courses during their year with the Early College.

American Government – This course focuses on America’s democratic principles, values, and practices. Students will demonstrate the ability to distinguish interactions among branches of government, describe how the Constitution and history has shaped our political system, as well as demonstrate an understanding of civic duty and participation.

College Success – College Success is a comprehensive course designed to help students create success in college and in life. In this course, students will learn strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success. Students will explore their skills, values and interests through the use of career interest inventories to guide their choices along the way. The most important part of this course, however, is for students to learn more about empowering themselves…learning who they are as a student and learning what it takes to keep themselves balanced and on course to success.

Senior Exit Project – Early College Students are required to complete a Senior Exit Project, as it is a graduation requirement in the Vail School District. The Early College has its own SEP guidelines that differ from their high school of graduation but will meet the same requirements. Work for the SEP credit will be completed during the College Success/ECAP courses as well as outside of school hours.

For Pima Community College Course Descriptions visit the Credit Courses page on the Pima website.