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Return to School Information

VEC Back to School Info Video

The above is a helpful video explaining your back to school options outlined below and what a day in the live of a VEC student will look like this fall.

This page has been developed to inform Vail Early College parents and students of plans regarding the start of the Vail School District & the Vail Early College for the 2020/2021 school year. We recognize that as plans are made, some of those plans will need to be modified and adjusted as conditions around COVID-19 are still fluid across Arizona. As such, there are still some of areas related to reopening still being discussed and considered. As decisions are finalized, the page will be updated as necessary. 

  • Pima’s COVID-19 response was been to transition most of its classes to a virtual environment for the Fall semester. In these virtual classes, students will attend online meetings on specified days and times and complete additional work independently. In order to help students tackle the challenges of a virtual college learning environment the Vail Early College will look a little different than in the past two years. The VEC will be offering our high school classes in a ‘Hybrid’ mode. Our two high school classes (government & college success) will be taught in person and students will attend campus in person Monday through Thursday from 9am – 2pm, to have easy access to support for the challenges that will arise in their virtual Pima classes. This will also give students the ability to work collaboratively on common classes that are traditionally difficult, such as math. Our Friday Workshop days will transition to virtual, however students will have the ability to come to campus on Fridays to access support if they need it. During times on campus, we will adhere to the enhanced safety measures established by the district to keep students and staff safe. 
  • Just as with the Vail high schools, there are options that VEC families can choose for their education for Fall. Since the Vail Early College is a little different than a regular high school, so are our options. The following options are available to the Vail Early College students:
      1. Remain with the VEC in our “Hybrid” mode: Pima courses held virtually, HS courses & supports held in person.
      2. Withdraw from the VEC and return to their high school for full in person, on campus learning or the ‘Brick to Click’ option. (See district school reopening page for more information on these options) 
      3. Withdraw from the VEC and enroll at the Vail Innovation Center (VIC) for full time digital learning. (See district school reopening page for more information on this option) 
  • In planning for the Fall, we ask that families contact Raylee May – – and let her know what your Fall plans are as soon as possible. If you are planning on returning to your high school or enrolling at the VIC, the earlier these sites know, the easier your transition will be.

  • Start Date Information:  The Vail Early College will begin our school year on our original date of August 10th with a virtual Bootcamp and continue in a Remote Learning mode until such time as we can meet in person on the campus of Mica Mountain High School. This will prevent any changes to the Vail Early College academic calendar. 

More information about both the Vail Early College & Pima Community College’s response to COVID-19 has been pulled together on our COVID-19 Information page:

Information specific to the entire Vail School District can be found at our district’s School Reopening site:

For questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Vail Early College Coordinator – Raylee May via email at