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We bring students together from the 5 Vail high schools into one unified program. VEC students still graduate from their Vail high school.

We are Vail!

The VEC is a program in the Vail School District in partnership with Pima Community College, located on Pima's East campus.

Tuition Free

College tuition and fees (up to 4 classes per semester) are all covered for the Vail Early College student.

200 and counting!

Number of Vail students (so far) that have transformed their senior year into an early college experience.


VEC students earn 27 (on average) transferable Pima College credits prior to graduation from high school.

Established 2018

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for Vail seniors to reach higher their senior year and arrive sooner to their college and career goals.

The VEC experience

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